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How Long is Too Long For A House To Be On The Market in Crawley?

Aug 18, 2021

When you list your home for sale, chances are you have a plan for the future. You’re ready to move on to a new property and need to sell your house quickly in the current market. You probably experienced a lot of viewings when your home was first listed. After that initial flurry, there were likely fewer, but steady, requests. However, if you haven’t had any showings on your property for weeks, your home may be sitting on the market too long.

If your agent isn’t getting any questions or feedback about your home you may not be receiving regular reports on all activities, including phone calls. But if your home is no longer seeing any action, your current agent will probably have little to report.
At this point, it is important to first look at the local market. What is the average length of time that houses sell? If yours is close to the average, then it may be that you have a slower market.

Have you had these discussions with your agent?

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