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Crawley? City Bid Would Bring Real Results

Oct 26, 2021

When you consider sayings such as “third time is the charm” or songs like “Three is the magic number”, you have to hope that Crawley’s latest bid to be granted city status will be successful.

This will be Crawley’s third attempt at achieving city status. With this application coinciding with the 75th anniversary of Crawley being recognised as a New Town; many feel it would be apt if Crawley was acknowledged in this way.

There was unanimous backing for the application from local councillors, and now excitement builds over the Civic Honours Competition. The new cities will be unveiled as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations for the Queen.

Key dates to put in your diary are as follows:

  • 18th November – The close of the consultation period where people have their chance to share what they love about Crawley. If there is something you are proud of, and think it will boost the city bid, make sure you share it no later than 18th November
  • 8th December – The closing date for bids
  • Early 2022 – The Government will announce the winners in early 2022, and as that time draws near, a date will be announced. Hopefully, it will be a special day for Crawley!

There is strong council backing for the bid

Council leader Peter Lamb said: “It would be very hard to think of a better way of trying to regenerate a sense of civic direction, to regenerate a sense of civic pride moving forward. It cannot be right that West Sussex at this time only has a single city. Crawley is certainly leading the way in terms of this county and what it delivers for the communities that it serves and I think it would be a fantastic thing for us.”

Councillor Peter Lamb also said; “From its small beginnings, Crawley has grown to become the largest urban area in the county and one of the region’s most significant centres of economic activity, leisure, and culture. City status would recognise the remarkable journey our home has been on over the last seven and a half decades and provide new opportunities for us to keep moving Crawley forward.”

The Council believes even applying for city status will bring benefits

While the local council believes Crawley is a great choice to become a city, no doubt many other towns around the country feel the same. However, even if the bid is unsuccessful, the local council states the following outcomes as being positive:

  • Bring greater prosperity of opportunity
  • Put the town on the map
  • Showcase civic pride, interesting heritage and a record of innovation

As there is no cost to enter the Civic Honours Competition, even these outcomes will be of benefit.

Would there be benefits of being a city?

Understandably, people want to know if there are benefits to being classed as a city, as opposed to a town.

A study undertaken by Dr Steve Musson from the University of Reading looked at the economic impact on towns which became cities in 2000 and 2002. These new cities included Preston, Newport, Stirling, Lisburn, Newry, Brighton & Hove, Wolverhampton and Inverness.

It was found that seven of the eight new cities enjoyed an economic increase which outperformed other areas in their region. The benefits were seen in areas such as improved levels of investment and a reduction in unemployment.

These are outcomes that every town or city wishes to achieve, and Crawley is no different. There is no denying that being named a city will be a source of immense pride for many, it is the tangible financial and social benefits that justify the council’s decision to apply once again for city status.

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